The Complete Entrepreneur Course 


'How to build a HIGH-INCOME Business'


It's never been easier to start a business, The challenge is in how to avoid being one of the 80% of businesses who fail in their first 5 years of trading? So what do the 20% (who do succeed) 'know' that affords them the wealth they go on to achieve?


In a nut shell they have learned how to:-


  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Form a value proposition that creates hungry buyers
  • Impliment marketing strategies that create a constant flow of enquiries
  • Communicate in a compeling way that results in sales
  • Plan growth and a income generation 


Written by John F Kettley a serial Entrepreneur with decades of experience starting building and selling businesses, this course contains the 'Entrepreneur Formula' for creating a HIGH-INCOME Business.



This course includes over 50 key elements:-


 7 individual step by step Modules containing 


  • 5 tutorial workbooks
  • 15 Video tutorials spanning over 3.5 hours
  • 30 PDF tutorial articles


 Module 1 (16 x elements) - The Mind Behind Success (How to think & see the world as a successful Entrepreneur)

 Module 2 (14 x elements) - Creating a results-driven game plan (A plan of action that will transport you to the success you seek)

 Module 3 (6 x elements)   - Creating a killer proposition (that thing which attracts high value clients to you over your competition)

 Module 4 (2 x elements)   - Branding your offer (How to create a brand that punches above its weight)

 Module 5 (7 x elements)  - Target marketing that works (make your telephone ring & e-mail ping with genuine enquiries)

 Module 6 (4 x elements)  - Sales strategies that create income (how to elegantly convert your conversations into more business)

 Module 7 (3 x elements)  - The Entrepreneur Focus (how to prioritise those things that are truly important to creating wealth)


Packed with real-world step by step video tutorials, you'll learn everything you'll need to fast track you from where you are now, to where you want to be i.e. the owner of a high-income wealth making lifestyle business.
It's later than you think...
The big difference between Entrepreneurs and people in business, Entrepreneurs make their decisions quickly so that they don't miss the boat, I invite you to join us today :)




How to build a 'high income' business that creates WEALTH

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The Entrepreneur Course


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